About Agate


Agate Mobile Cross-Platform Introduce Video

Simple Code

The code is optimized for mobile app development. Anyone can easily understand it and make a change.

Agate core concepts

- MOML used on the AGATE platform is an XML language optimized for mobile apps development.
- Using the direct calls of native API, the speed is fast and the hardware resource of a mobile phone is used same as the native.

One Code Multi OS, Multi Resolution

Android and iOS apps with various resolutions can be developed using a single code.

Agate core concepts

- The apps ensure the same screen layout without any distortion.
- Costs for app development and maintenance can be reduced dramatically.

Instant Application

Native app are editable on the server.

Agate core concepts

- Only changed part of UI or logics can be updated from the server.
- Maintenance can be done with ease by changing the code in the server in real time.
- Instant App Demo
Click on the link www.applusform.com/demo on the mobile web browser to execute it.

Web Bridge

Beyond the existing hybrid approach, a powerful native feature is provided.

Agate core concepts

- A native UI can be easily embedded on the WebView.
- Mobile-web page can be edited on client side.
- Data can be easily exchanged between web and native layer.
- Devices API and UI API can be controlled on the web.